Low Impact Work it Circuit

For those of you with more sensitive joints, are unable to do high intensity/high impact workouts, or are new to the workout scene, this workout is for you! A work out is a work out, no matter the intensity. So grab your favorite workout gear, some water, and let's get sweating!

* 20-30 minute walk or jog on treadmill (or outside!)

* 10 push-ups on your knees. If you have sensitive knees, be sure to use a mat. Roll the mat over a few times for extra support. Repeat 3x.

* 10 bicep curls, use weights that challenge you but aren't too difficult. Do NOT swing while doing bicep curls. If you're using momentum to lift, your weights are probably too heavy. Keep your back straight and isolate your arms. Repeat 3x.

* 10 Alternating lunges each leg. Weights are optional. Feel free to step forward and step back or do alternating jump lunges if you feel like getting crazzyyy. Repeat 3x

* 10 simple squats. Weights optional. Repeat 3x

* 20 crunches. If you're still building your core strength, lay on your back and keep your legs planted. For more intensity, lay on your back and lift your legs until they are parallel with the floor. Repeat 3x

* 20 abs bicycles. Repeat 3x

This low impact workout works a little bit of everything. If you try this, give me your feedback! I'd love to hear how this workout worked for you.

Have fun, and Happy Sweating!

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