The Kickstart

Start your week off right with a super sweaty workout! If you're looking for a heart pumping cardio workout, give the kickstart a try! 

Equipment needed. 

Time: 45-60min

* 20 minute run

* 10 burpess with pushups 

* 100 jump ropes 

* 50 mountain climbers 

Repeat 3x 

* 20 plank shoulder taps 

* 20 jump squats with 20 mini squat pulses 

*10 bicep curls 

Repeat 3x 

* 5 pistol squats each leg (use a wall for support if you're unable to do one unsupported) 

* 100 jump ropes 

* 10 pushups 

Repeat 3x 


If you have any questions on form, please feel free to send me an email or shoot me a message. 

Good luck, and Happy Sweating! 💦

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