The SECRET to Perfect Skin!

Acne breakouts? Girlfriend, I use Proactive, and it does wonders to my skin. Oh, that doesn’t work for you? Try Aveeno. It works great for sensitive skin. That dried you out? Hmm, maybe give Neutrogena a try. Your breakouts are getting worse? Don’t worry, I have this AMAZING skin care mask that you can use; it’s all natural and only contains a few ingredients. Oh man, your skin isn’t calming down. Maybe look up what other products you can try…

CONSUMERISM. Everything we could ever possibly want is at the touch of our fingertips. We collect product after product hoping that one of them contains the magic potion we’ve been searching for our whole lives. I’ve looked at skin care routine after skin care routine. I’ve tried “natural” remedies, bought a plethora of products (yeah, you’re welcome, Target), and my skin just hasn’t calmed down for anything. I’ve been talking to my boyfriend, guy friends, and some girlfriends of mine that have smooth and healthy skin with extremely minimal breakouts and asked what products they use. Drum roll pleasssseeeeeeeee. THEY USE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

We are so quick to just grab a product. We can’t even understand or even pronounce half of the ingredients, but we somehow trust all of these companies; we somehow trust a product that says “for acne-prone skin.” But how do you know that’s for you? Does that product understand all of the products and elements of your skin? No. Does that product take into account how dry or oily your skin can be? No. So, what’s happening when you smother and lather that product all over your face? Your skin is trying to adjust. You’re probably breaking out because the natural properties of your skin is trying to accommodate to the properties of the product. If you just pile on the products and pile on the makeup, you’re not allowing your skin to breathe.

You’re acne is trying to tell you something. If you know products are the issue throw them away. If you don’t use any products, re-evaluate your diet. Are you eating consuming too much fast food? Are you consuming an excess amount saturated and trans fats? Are you consuming too much dairy? Are you drinking enough water? If you’re eating poorly, it will show up on your face. Some foods that are known to help facilitate healthy skin can be found in this article:

I’m currently trying to go au natural in more than one aspect of my life (minus deodorant. That shit is a necessity). If you ask someone who has never used chapstick if they ever need it, the answer is probably no. I used to apply it about 3-4 times a day. But, like, why…? If you’re out in the desert and your skin isn’t used to that climate, then yeah sure, put on some chapstick. But, why get so attached to some little stick of god knows what when your body is literally built to handle things naturally. I’m currently on day 10, and my lips are (almost) as good as new! Give me another week, and I’ll never need to waste another $2.97 on a stick of beeswax ever again. As for my face, I’m currently on day three of using nothing but God’s given gift of water to wash my face. So far, I’ve seen such great results. I’m letting my skin breathe without being bombarded by chemical after chemical. I’m allowing the natural oils of my skin to finally resurface and do their damn job.

I know how frustrating it is to have bad skin. I know the last thing you want to do is to wait it out. If you’re like me, your first inclination is to scrub the shit out of your face and cake on a bunch of makeup. But what good is that going to do? First of all, your caked on makeup will only look good for about 23 minutes (speaking from experience), and you’re not allowing your skin to heal. I know, it’s hard. And your skin is probably going to get a tad worse before it gets better, just because it’s readjusting. It’ll probably dry out, but eventually that top layer of skin will flake away and you’ll be left with a new, smooth, and softer layer of skin.

So, friends, my current skincare routine revolves around a splash of water, healthy foods, and some newfound confidence. Try to go natural before you try anything foreign on your face. I know some people are luckier than others and have such resilient skin. But if you’re like me, you’re not that lucky. So, join the natural club with me, friends. Give it a try. You really have nothing to lose.

Happy Rejuvenating!

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