Understanding how to Understand

You eat food, and I eat food. You drink water, and I drink water. You sweat, and I sweat. You sleep, and I sleep. You get sad, and I get sad. You get happy, and I get happy. You get angry, and I get angry. You get stressed, and I get stressed. Hm, sounds to me like you and I have a lot in common; we aren’t so different you and I.

So what exactly makes a person “different?” Their clothes? Their religious beliefs? Their political beliefs? Their sexual orientation? All of the above? Intrinsically, we humans are all the same; we ALL have the same needs and wants. But our differences seem to mask how similar we really are. We are so quick to judge someone that’s “different” than us. We often don’t stop to think about their upbringing, what state or country they are from, or why they believe the things they believe. Yes, there are always going to be people on extreme ends of the spectrum whose behaviors and actions are inexcusable. But, for the most part, everyone has a story. Everyone has a REASON for being the way they are. This is about as political I’m going to get here: Is a Hillary supporter inherently a “baby killers” or a “man-hater”? No, of course not. Is a Trump supporter inherently racist or misogynistic? No, of course not. Do you ever stop a person and LISTEN to his/her argument?

People’s beliefs and views don’t just pop out of the sky one day. Think about YOUR upbringing. We are ALL introduced to beliefs and morals as children in an environment we didn’t essentially choose to be in; you don’t get to choose what family you’re born into. You don’t get to choose whether or not you’re going to born into a rich household or a poor household. You don’t get to choose whether you’re born into an abusive family or not. You don’t get to choose whether or not you want to be male or female. You don’t get to choose whether or not you want to be black or white. There’s so much that happens when we are born that we have no say in, yet these experiences completely shape who we are as people.

You never truly know where someone comes from. You never truly know someone’s story unless you ask and open your ears to LISTEN. Stop talking for a second, stop voicing your argument for a second, and listen to an opposing view. Try to understand the other side. I’ve lived in Texas, and I’ve lived in California; I’ve experienced many people from both sides of the spectrum, and I’m dumbfounded at how many people spew out their beliefs but refuse to listen to the beliefs of others.

Now, I’m not here to be political, that’s not what my site is about. But I am here to spread positivity and acceptance. I’m here to try the best I can to diffuse judgements, in every sense of the word. I urge you to open your ears and your hearts. Just imagine if this world could agree to disagree respectively, without name calling, disapproval, or violence. What do you gain by treating others as lesser? Nothing; the answer is absolutely nothing.

By NO means am I asking you to change your beliefs. I’m just tired of seeing so much hatred towards people when we are all really the same. Why spend so much energy exerting hate when we can channel that energy into effortless love. What happened to “treat others the way you want to be treated?” Didn’t we all learn that in pre-school?! Let’s learn to ACCEPT. Accept others, and you shall receive acceptance in return. With that, I urge you all to truly treat others the way you want to be treated. What sets us apart from other species is our ability for language, so let’s not put it to waste by spreading hate. Instead, let us use our language to spread love, understanding, and peace. It’s time to make a change, and the change starts with YOU.

Happy Understanding!

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