This is Tiffany, and this is her story: "My fitness journey started early. During high school, I was a tomboy and a very competitive athlete. As soon as I graduated at the age of 18, my world turned upside down; I was going to be a mom. I lost my athleticism and became tired and lazy, and I yo-yo dieted to keep the weight off. At the age of 26 my daughter’s dad left me for another woman he got pregnant. I was devastated. I stopped eating and became frail. The stress of being a single mom took a toll on my health, well-being, and my emotional stability. By the time I turned 27, I had gained a lot of fat. At that moment, I knew I needed to turn my life around, so I turned to a plant based lifestyle. Veganism changed the way I thought about everything. I decided my health was my top priority and investing in it should always come first. I went from living day to day just to get through it, to living each day with a purpose. I began to plan my meals and educated myself about food and my body. It made me want more, so I started lifting weights. Lifting weights, in conjunction to eating healthy, completely changed my body composition and the way I felt about myself. I didn't even care about my image anymore; I cared about how I felt inside. I've become stronger, a better mom and a better role model. I now teach fitness classes and train a small group of independent clients. Veganism and weightlifting have changed me forever and there's no going back."

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