Acne be GONE!

Humans want to achieve one thing in this world: happiness.There’s no other reason we do anything. But sometimes there’s just a few obstacles in our way of achieving said happiness. Exhibit A: Acne.

Who the f*@#&$(@*$@(* likes acne?! No one. My face practically breaks out when it comes in contact with air. I’ve had a problem with my skin for the last four years or so. I’ll just be 100% honest from the get go: I’m an arab. Why share that random fact with us, Sabrina? Well, I’m sharing this fact, because I grow little hairs on my face, and removing them makes me happy. Problem is, I’m super prone to ingrown hairs, and end up breaking out every time. A little hair or a little acne? I just gotta pick my battles.

So I turned to products. If it said “sensitive skin” on it, I’ve probably bought it. I’ve bought products that have worked on other people, and I’m constantly looking for a moisturizer, toner, or face wash that’ll “save” me. I’m not a huge proponent of taking medication or hormone regulators unless they are absolutely needed, and I didn’t think my little acne problem called for hard core meds. So I continued on my pursuit to find holy water, hoping that I’d find it at Target. I’ll just save you the trouble: Target doesn’t sell holy water, trust me, I’ve looked in every goddamn aisle.

My skin progressively got worse in college, and my scars got darker. I felt like everywhere I went people were counting the scars on my face. I felt like I was constantly holding a sign that said “Hello, my name is Sabrina, and I have scars.” I hated hated hated them. But nothing I tried was working. I could not figure out for the life of me what was going to help.

I decided to evaluate my diet. I ate pretty darn healthy in college, rarely drank, and worked out 5-6 days a week. I was at a dead end. But then Benjamin Franklin came to me, and finally turned on that light bulb above my head: my coffee intake ranged from 3-5 cups per day and my water intake ranged from about 1-2 bottles per day. HOW DID I NOT SEE THE PROBLEM EARLIER. I heard about this app called “Plant Nanny” that regulates how much water you drink throughout the day (yes, it’s free!), and I decided to download it. It reminds you to drink water every two hours, and calculates approximately how much water you should be drinking per day based on your activity level and your weight. Every time you drink a bottle, you water your plant and watch it grow! Based on this app, I’m supposed to have SIX bottles of water a day. SIX?!?!? I used to only drink water when I was thirsty, which was precisely the problem; that essentially means I’m drinking when my body is deprived of water, and it’s warning you that you’re on the verge of dehydration. Siiiiick.

After about a month, my skin was starting to clear up like no other. I didn’t need a freaking product, I just needed some damn water. Sometimes we are quick to look for external items to fix problems that aren’t actually problems at all. Before you find a product or the next new medication, evaluate your diet and your habits. Do you wash your face immediately after you workout? Do you eat too much sodium? Do you eat extremely unhealthy? All of these factors will show up on your face. Your face is sensitive, and what you eat/drink and don’t eat/drink will show up eventually. Our bodies don’t just grow pimples randomly; nothing our bodies do is random, by ANY means. Our bodies are the epitome of cause and effect relationships. Watch for signs all over your body, and try to fix the problem the healthy and natural way, before reverting to unnatural and potentially even more harmful solutions. My face has cleared up a shit ton, but I still have problems with my skin, and I’m still learning to love my scars. But my scars have taught me something: healing takes time. Loving your perceived flaws takes time. Learning about your body without being quick to find a solution takes time. Simply put, healing, loving, and learning takes time, and without these three elements applied to everything in your life you won’t be able to find true happiness.

What’s your biggest insecurity? Whatever it may be, look in the mirror and find the good. What has your insecurity taught you? It’ll be hard to come up with the answer at first, but you’ll find it eventually. Be comfortable in your own skin, whether it be full of acne, freckles, scars, or dark spots. Wouldn’t this world would be so boring if we all looked the same?

Happy Accepting!

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