#TreatYoSelf! Or should you?

“I want a cup of ice cream, I deserve it.” “I want McDonalds, I’ve had a long day.” “I’m having a bad day, so it’s ok if I eat this bag of chips.” You’ve done this, I’ve done this, we’ve all done this. We excuse our bad eating habits by justifying ourselves to ourselves; if you think about it, we aren’t really telling these excuses to anyone but ourselves. So when is it too much? When are we compromising our LONG TERM HEALTH for the sake of short term happiness?

Our bodies don’t understand excuses. Our bodies are comprised of many different complex systems working together every single day so you can live; so you can breathe. Why fuel up with soda when you can fuel up with water? Did you know that just some of the effects caused by accumulation can lead to softening of your bones, acne, dehydration, ruin your teeth, increased diabetes risk, and decreased kidney function? Did you know that some of the effects caused by WATER decreases acne, speeds up digestion, pushes nutrients you eat from your foods into every single of one your cells, increases energy, decreases fatigue, helps you think clearly, and boosts your immune system? Need I say more? THE DECISION SEEMS SO EASY. Buuuuuut we let the little brains in our taste buds make the decision for us; they control us. We love salts, we love fats, and we love sugar, all for reasons that revolve around evolution. But we can’t let that override our health.

Unhealthy, processed, modified foods are foreign to our bodies; we don’t quite know how to process them. They slow down our systems and slow down our metabolisms. So that brings us to the concept of body positivity. I’ll start out by saying this, in hopes that I don't offend anyone: NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE, WHERE YOU COME FROM, OR WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE, EVERY SINGLE PERSON IS BEAUTIFUL IN HIS/HER OWN WAY. Every single person should be proud of who they are and proud of the progress he/she has made thus far.

That being said, I think this concept of self love has the potential for us to neglect our health. If you, as an individual, focus on positive health, you’ll feel and think better. On a global scale, if everyone valued his or her own health above all else, the cost of health care would decrease, diabetes rates would decrease, obesity rates would decrease, cancer would decrease, etc. We should be focusing on body positivity and loving ourselves, while still focusing on our health and fitness.

How is this achieved, exactly? You have to find what works for YOU. For me, I don’t eat dairy or artificial sugars during the week. No, I’m not trying to lose any weight; I’m trying to practice self control. Most of the foods I enjoy that include dairy are foods that aren’t that great for you, anyway. Write down your workouts in journal, so you’re less inclined to leave the gym early. Omit certain foods during the week, and indulge in all your favorite delicacies on the weekend. I encourage you to practice self control. Eat healthy during the week. Find motivation that extends deeper than just striving to achieve a certain image. You’re in control of yourself; no one will do the work for you. Strive for strong, strive for healthy, strive for happy, and the rest will all fall into place.

Happy Sweating! 💦

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