This is Liam, and this is his story: "Today, I finished my goal of running and doing push-ups/ sit-ups everyday for 30 days. I was inspired by my dad, a man that is currently sitting around 850 consecutive days of running. The combination of seeing him drop nearly 20 pounds over the course of his journey and me feeling uncomfortable with my body made me want to give running a shot. Being the kid of two former triathletes, I probably should have picked up running a lot sooner, but I never really enjoyed it until recently. I knew its benefits, but I had always found more comfort in the weight room than on the treadmill. In the beginning, running was solely a way to lose some weight, but something clicked on one of my runs. About two weeks in, I randomly encountered flow-state, something I had come across recently in my pursuit of becoming a sports psychologist. Until that point, running felt forced, I had to consciously push myself forward step by step. Being in flow-state felt great, like I could keep running forever; my muscles went from exhausted to full of energy. That's when I decided I wanted to follow in my parents' footsteps (literally) and sign up for a marathon. I'll be doing the Boulder Backroads Marathon on October 1st this year. I'm nervous for the months of training to come, but I'm also extremely excited. I guess my inner triathlete is starting to show. Wish me luck!" #featurefriday Happy Sweating! đź’¦

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