This is Taylor, and this is her story: "In April of 2013 I achieved my lifelong goal of becoming a college cheerleader. It was everything I dreamed it would be, and to this day, I still consider the friendships I made and the confidence I gained through TCU cheer to be one of my biggest blessings in life. Unfortunately, during my second year on the team, I was diagnosed with a seizure disorder that turned my world upside down. I had always been this healthy athletic girl, and I didn’t really know how to cope with the hardships that came with my disorder. Slowly but surely, my symptoms worsened, and my disorder took precedent over cheer, school, friendships, and everything else I invested my heart into. It began to consume me; I was struggling to maintain my health and could no longer keep up with my responsibilities. So, I resigned mid-season in cheer, had to drop my sorority, and withdrew from classes at my university. My life was turned completely upside down, and I resorted to some pretty unhealthy coping mechanisms to help me deal with losing huge chunks of my identity all at once. Fortunately, I was finally was able to regain my motivation and drive, this past December. My disorder has taught me to actively choose to love myself and love other people, and by doing that, I have been able to better my life in truly meaningful ways. When I feel like giving up I turn to yoga, running, or really just anything that forces me out of that “poor me” mindset. I am thankful for both the highs and lows I have experienced, throughout the last two years. This past year of growth has given me a new lease on life and has taught me that the recipe for happiness doesn't depend on my successes." #featurefriday

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