This is Sam, and this is his story: "I was raised in England in a single parent home on a minimum wage salary. I wanted more from my life, but that was difficult to achieve, given the circumstances I was faced with. Growing up, I’ve always loved sports. At the age of 16, I started running track, and I immediately fell in love with the it. A few years went by, and I finally realized that sprinting might just be my way out; my chance to be more than I was born into. Staying in England, however, wasn’t an option for me. I flourished in track, yet I still felt as if my life was at a standstill. I discovered that there was more of an opportunity to succeed and make something out of my passion in America. So, I made the choice to move 5,000 miles away to Fort Worth, Texas. I made the choice to come to Texas Christian University to pursue my dream of being a track athlete. After a whirlwind of training during my college track career, I am finally preparing for my first season as a professional athlete. These last few years have been the hardest, yet the most rewarding years of my life. The hard work I’ve put into my passion and my determination to keep my dream alive has finally paid off. There’s absolutely no substitution for hard work. As long as you keep your goals in sight, no matter what that goal might be, it WILL be achievable. Work hard and push yourself. Reaching the finish line makes your dedication and uphill battle completely worth the grind." #featurefriday

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