This is Madeline, and this is her story: "During my freshman year I ate because I felt ugly. That's not the case anymore, but I remember binge eating to a point of tears and a threshold of sickness. What I was really doing was covering deep pain. My pants started to become tight and I told myself, "This is just the freshman 15. It will come off in time." After a long journey of self-discovery and love from others, I have learned that it's not the number on the scale, but the intention in your heart. Since that year, I have made choices for my health, not my weight. When I find myself seeking comfort or desire in food, I ask, "What emotion do I need to deal with right now?" I now see my issues with binge eating as a gift--it's a little alarm that reminds me to be in tune with my emotions and address them in a healthy way. Right now, I am happy with the skin I'm in and the person I've become, all because I listen to my body." #featurefriday

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