This is Keane, and this is his story: "I found out in not such a great way that lots of exercise does not offset the beer drinking and constant junk food eating. Neglecting natural and whole foods left me not where I wanted to be in college athletics and I decided to change. I still eat junk foods that I love but more in moderation. I don't have some strict regiment that I follow, but I try to eat a good amount of protein and fresh foods a day. I went from 210 to 200 and have continued to lower my weight at a slower, but good rate of .5 pounds a week while putting on muscle. I also try not to worry about the number, but more how I look and feel. I think a lot of the fitness world is overrated and for sure unrealistic. It's not about following strict regiments, unless you are competing or want to, but it's just about staying active. Whether it's playing a sport, weight training, running, hiking, etc. staying active is good for the mind and body. I've dealt with anxiety and darker periods in my life, and I've always thought staying idle and being inside all day did nothing for me but make it worse. Exercise is now a form of release for me and it generally makes me feel happier. The more I do in the day, the happier I feel (I do love my relaxation days too)" #featurefriday

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