This is Jayce, and this is his story: "I was very girly growing up; I loved princesses, frilly dresses and the color pink. I had no trouble with the concept that girls became women. But, imagine my confusion and dismay at realizing I had DD’s by the time I was 12. It was a part of my body that never fit; it didn’t matter if my t-shirts were baggy or if my bras were compressing sport styles. When I was 19, I began to understand that it wasn’t just the size of my breasts that I had trouble with, it was the fact that they existed at all. Eventually, I came to the very long and over-analyzed conclusion that I was trans, female to male. Thus, began a long process of coming out over and over again. I came out to people of varying degrees of importance and with varying levels of success. Coming out as trans, while being the “T” in “LGBT,” is so very different from what society seems to have the highest level of experience with, such as coming out as gay. It’s not something that gets announced and then no longer becomes an issue. Even in a liberal family with an openly gay son, this isn't something that anyone just forgets. It makes you feel scared, because it’s rather uncharted territory. It makes you feel impatient. It makes you feel angry, because there is a large portion of the country that believes you aren’t deserving of human rights. And, it’s something that makes you feel guilty; you’re led to believe that you’re taking away a person that your friends and family loved and had hopes and dreams for. So, yes, the past year and a half of my life has been filled with name slips, pronoun slips and blatant ignorances. I’ve been fighting an antiquated enrollment system at my college. I started testosterone. I threatened to end a decades-old relationship if the other party didn’t step up their act. Just recently, I underwent top surgery and I am currently in the process of a legal name/gender change, and I’m very lucky to have the support that I do. The only person that any of us will ever know how to be is ourselves, so being honest and authentic is really the only way to go through life, and I’m finally starting to do just that." #featurefriday

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