This is Haley, and this is her story: "When I started college, I had a lot of anxiety and stress. It was both school-related, and also closely tied to the idea that if I lost weight, people would like me more. I ended up not eating enough compared to how much I was working out, purging after I ate, and all sorts of other destructive habits. It got to the point that my mom threatened to take me out of school because she could clearly see my sternum in my social media pictures (which, for my body type, was not normal). It wasn't until I realized how much negative attention I was receiving that I decided it was time for a change. And I don't mean negative attention as in people telling me I was too skinny. In fact, I mean people that saw the worth in me based on having a thigh gap, and being the same weight as I was in fourth grade (105 lbs). My energy level was at an all time low, and I would pass out more often than I am willing to admit. So I (very) slowly started making changes to my daily habits; gradually eating more nutritious foods, not purging, and not kicking myself when I didn't have time to workout. It's been a LONG road. And I'm still battling the urges to just purge, not eat and not enjoy life. But I've gotten this far, and I've attracted MUCH more positive energy/people in my life. Not only that, but my confidence has actually gone up from gaining weight. Who would've thought? Whether your goal is to gain or lose weight, make sure it's for the right reasons. Don't make the same mistake I did." #featurefriday

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