This is my sister, Dunya, and this is her story: "After three years of running varsity cross country in high school, I realized I wasn't happy. During my senior year, I decided to quit the team, even though people were telling me not to. My dad passed away right before I entered my freshman year, and every race I ran was in memory of him. However, with each race I ran, my mental health began to slowly deteriorate. I ran for my dad, yet I never got to see him congratulate me when I crossed the finish line. I cried by myself after every race, and finally I realized I wasn't running for myself, so why the hell was I doing it? After I quit, I eventually found the sport of climbing, and it became my escape. This sport had no attachments to my dad, and it allowed for the perfect environment for me to grow. But, when I started improving in climbing, i was insecure about how my body was changing. I was worried that my arms weren't looking very feminine. I always heard guys talk about how they don't like girls that are too built. When i saw my arms getting bigger, I tried to stop myself from climbing as much so I wouldn't get bigger than I already was. I found it extremely difficult to stop myself from doing what I love. It took me a while, but it finally hit me: who the hell gives a shit? I will never compromise improving in what i love because of society's standards. i'm proud to say I can do hella pull ups and i'm proud that I have spent two years of my life becoming a more confident climber. I will never sacrifice my build for what I love to do, and I am stoked to be competing this year! 💪🏽" #featurefriday

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