This is April, and this is her story: "Most of my life, I have been an emotionally & mentally healthy girl. Always smiling, always happy. My physical health, though, was never really a priority. Sure, I grew up in dance and played sports, but I would often get teased for my weight. Though I always wished to be more fit, I did not do much about it. It wasn’t until after college that I decided I wanted to align my physical health with my emotional & mental health. I went for a run with a friend but could not make it half a mile. I knew in that moment that I would change my life for the better and forever. I told people about my goals and gained incredible support. I tried various exercises until I found ones that worked for me, ate a little less dessert and drank a little more water. No fad diets or pills. I ran a 5k, then another, then a 10k, then a half-marathon. I made small changes month after month, year after year. Now, I am the healthiest I have ever been. The BEST part is that I have unintentionally motivated others to join me in this journey. Becoming physically fit has not only improved my mental & emotional fitness—it has also enhanced my relationships with others as well as my outlook on life. I am finally unapologetically me. I am at a point where completing a challenging, new exercise matters more than the number on the scale. I love the new level of confidence I have in myself all because I decided to fight for me." #featurefriday

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