This is Amanda, and this is her story: "Hi. My name is Amanda, and I am a mom of 6 and a soon to be back at work mommy. If I could describe my fitness habits once upon a time, it was called Yo Yo diets and exercise. You know, get super pumped and excited, buy all the fun new workout gear, get healthy, and commit to doing this. So here we go, we are gonna get sexy, right? Two weeks in, still going strong. Three weeks, rocking it out. I've got this. Week four, get the sniffles and the kids get sick. And for us girls, the dreaded period, causing me to take a day off to rest. Then one day turns to two. Then two days turn into a year. Yeah, that was me. For four years. Sure i lost 55 pounds in that four years, but as I was looking at pictures one day in November of 2015, I realized that just because I was back at my pre-pregnancy weight that didn't mean my body has reached its full potential. Through implementing a consistent workout regiment, I am more confident, and have more self esteem, too. And of course with six kids, I need energy to keep up with them all. It's been a crazy journey; one that will never end. This has been a lifestyle change, and I plan on continuing this lifestyle. I think of exercising and eating right as part of my regular routine, like brushing your teeth or showering; It has become habit. It's now something that has just become a regular part of my life." #featurefriday

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