Circuit Training

Repeat entire circuit 3x!

  1. 3 min run on treadmill or 2 laps around indoor track

  2. Rope climb or 5-7 pull-ups if rope not available

  3. 30 plank hip dips

  4. Keep your body in a plank position and dip your hips to the left, back to plank, then dip to the right. Repeat 30x

  5. 10 elevated weighted lunges

  6. Hold dumbbells in each hand, place one leg on a bench and lunge. Be sure not to overextend your knee over your toe!

  7. 1 min high knees

  8. 12 burpees w/ pushups

  9. 30 reverse crunch

  10. 10 box jumps

  11. 10 bicep curls

  12. 50 jump ropes

  13. Happy Sweating!


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