"I love my body because..."

Body positivity is something that should come naturally and innately but sadly does not. This Positive Body Campaign is meant to showcase what we LOVE about ourselves. Our bodies are INCREDIBLE. Your body is the home for your heart, your intelligence, and your soul. It's time we stopped dwelling on our insecurities and start appreciating what our miraculous bodies are capable of!


How it works: E mail me a picture of yourself that makes you feel beautiful and confident and finish the sentence "I love my body because. . ." 


Submissions will be posted below. I look forward to seeing your positivity and self love flood my inbox!

Happy Loving!

Cassie Treglia

I love my body because I feel 100% comfortable in my natural skin.

Chloe Schmidt

I love my body because of its resilience & strength; because each stretch mark, scar, roll, & imperfection resemble growth & change for the better; because it has not only survived what i've put it through but has proved to me over and over that time heals all wounds; because every damn day, I open my eyes and I am still here, living, breathing, alive. 

Steph Deportes

I love my body because no matter how old I get, I can still play like a kid if I want to and do the things I love.

Mason Suess

I love my body because it allows me the freedom to adventure outside of my comfort zone and explore the unknown.

Dunya Harb

I love my body because my physical strength is a measure of how hard I’ve worked and the time I’ve spent taking care of my health, which ultimately allows me to do everything in life I love to do.

Quinn Murdy

I love my body because it let's me explore this beautiful world. 

Brittany Filips

I love my body because it’s a reflection of my true inner self.  My body is a representation of balance. I love my body because I feel confident in my skin which is really from the food I put in. I listen to what it is craving and give it what it is asking. Some days it’s nuts,granola, and fruit. Other days it’s meat and carbs.

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Jose Diaz

I love my body because it challenges me to become my best self every single day.

Cassidy Goodman

I love my body because regardless of scars, freckles, dimples and stretch marks, it is strong, it is healthy and it is beautiful. 

Nick Kaiser

I love my body because it is my body and nobody else’s.

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Kayla Parry

I love my body because it's a lot stronger than I give credit.

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Bri Wong

I love my body because it is scarred. There once was a time where my psoriasis controlled my life, my emotions, and my confidence and these scars are just proof that I've overcome what I thought was impossible. I love my body because it is strong, determined and able to heal. It's a fighter and will keep on fighting.

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Kaitlin Spano

I love my body because It has allowed me carry THREE babies--three back to back pregnancies and I am AMAZED at what the human body is capable of! 

Nicole Deveraux

I love my body because it has taken me many places and carried me, and another human, through many things.

Robin Mcgrath

I love my body because it birthed my babies.

Santana Storoschuk

I love my body because it is so strong and takes me to the most amazing places. 

L Tanjuaquio

I love my body because... Every Scar Tells My Story.

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Cody Gardner

 I love my body because I've treated way too many people whose own bodies limit them, and they're no longer able to do the things they love to do. My body allows me to be me to the fullest.

Hali Reed

I love my body because it embraces my heart and sustains the life in me; that's something to celebrate!

Greta Ziubryte

I love my body because it's the only place where my dreams live in, and almost all my dreams are related to medicine

Marisa Helf

I love my body because it can run a half marathon and is going to run a full marathon!

Aakash Nishad

I love my body because it's the only place I will permanently live.

Safwan Abo Remeleh

I love my body because I live in it.